Genius Bus Tools
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Linux GENIUS Bus Monitor

  • World's Only Graphical GENIUS Bus Monitor Troubleshooting Tool
  • Monitor GENIUS Network Statistics such as Number of Devices, Scan Time and Bus Errors
  • Graphical Display of the Devices on GENIUS Network
  • Heuristic Analysis of Network Problems and Suggestions to Remedy
  • Checks for GENIUS Bus Network and Termination Quality
  • Solves 90% of ALL GENIUS Network Issues

$2,500 USD (License per Machine)

Linux GENIUS Bus Data Capture

  • World's Only Graphical GENIUS Bus Data Capture Troubleshooting Tool
  • Capture ALL or Specific GENIUS Network Data Bytes
  • Select from Foreground or Background Frame Types
  • Select from Directed of Broadcast Sub-Frame Types
  • Select an Individual Serial Bus Address to Monitor
  • Capture up to 8,000,000 Frames (Nearly 10 Minutes of Capture at 153.6 KBaud Rate)
  • Save Capture as Date and Time Stamped CSV Format File for Offline Analysis
  • The MOST Powerful and Capable GENIUS Network Analysis Tool Anywhere!

$5,000 USD (License per Machine)

Ubuntu 14.04 Linux (32 Bit - x86 Only)