The World’s Only Graphic GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool with both a GENIUS Bus Analyzer and GENIUS Bus Monitor

GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool consists of a Windows PC and Applications that are available for rental or purchase. This allows customers to analyze the operation and data of their GENIUS Bus network installations.

The original BusMon (GENIUS Bus Monitor) application, available through GE Intelligent Platforms, used a special set of firmware and a PCIM board to allow the capture of 4000 Data Bytes from an operating GENIUS installation.

This GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool application goes far beyond the capabilities of the former BusMon and allows the capture of 1,000,000 data bytes, which is more than 100 seconds of run time at the standard baud rate. All baud rates are supported and for the first time a customer can actually see the data bytes, timing and order of events. This application can be worth it’s weight in gold if you are experiencing intermittent communication problems and data quality. A recognized GENIUS expert developed this application and provides an experience based user guide to help the customer through troubleshooting scenarios.

GENIUS Bus Analyzer

The GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool application DOES NOT AFFECT the running GENIUS Bus network in any way and contains two active functions for use on a factory / production GENIUS Bus:

  1. A Capture Analysis Mode that allows a customer to start and stop the data collection process at user discretion. It allows for selection of Foreground, Background, Broadcast and Directed Frames to fully analyze the activity on the GENIUS Bus. Every byte of data is available for review and analysis. Elapsed Time is measured at the chip level.
  2. A Live Analysis Mode that allows a customer to continuously monitor, diagnose and collect statistics of a GENIUS Bus over hours, days or even weeks of operation. It will detect and diagnose serious GENIUS Bus problems that can cause incorrect operation.
GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool - Analyzer Capture

GENIUS Bus Analyzer – Capture Analysis

GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool - Analyzer Analysis

GENIUS Bus Analyzer – Live Analysis

GENIUS Bus Monitor which substitutes for the GENIUS HHM analytical functions

Using GENIUS Serial Bus Address 0, this GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool titled GENIUS Bus Monitor substitutes for the GENIUS HHM (Hand Held Monitor) analytical functions. This is a Windows PC Application that utilizes a PCI GENIUS Interface. This application fully utilizes the bus voltage monitor and error detection functions to diagnose most common GENIUS Bus network problems and issues. By measuring the rate of bus errors this application can determine the quality of bus terminations and cabling.

The application performs the following functions:

  1. Provides bus scan and number of active devices information and statistical data of accumulated frames and bytes
  2. Graphs the percentage of the types of frames currently on the bus
  3. Graphs the network devices and serial bus addresses to show what is running on the bus at any given instant in time. Provides diagnostic messages such as noise transients and termination quality issues. The GENIUS Bus Termination goes from Green to Yellow to Red when bus quality is being affected by the lack of proper termination resistance or cable quality.

This simple application can detect most common GENIUS Bus problems and help customers to quickly pinpoint and correct problem areas.

GENIUS Troubleshooting Tool - GENIUS Bus Monitor

GENIUS Bus Monitor

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